Pebble sand making machine

Pebble sand making machine introduction

Cobblestone sand making machine is a production of construction sand, stone crusher special equipment, sandy uniform particle size, High compressive strength, than natural sand, manufactured sand hammer to break more in line with the requirements of a high standard building sand; pebble crusher to the feeder, jaw crusher, sand making machine, heavy shaker and efficient sand washing machine, and with a belt connected to become a pebble sand production line. The production line adopts the principle of high-speed rotating stone at stone collision on liner wear, forming a stone at stone, stone crushing principle blacksmith. To ensure that the whole process discharge smoothly, reliable, energy efficient, saving 50% than conventional equipment.

Pebbles and sand making machine advantage:

1 suitable for processing capacity of 50-300 tons / mass production hour.
2 tons of refined sand production cost is only regular production line 3/5.
3 production of high degree of automation, low energy consumption, high crushing ratio.
4, investment recovery period is short, the investment can be returned in 4-5 months.
5 is shaping functions, the establishment of square body shape products.
6 the product size is good, accord with national standard.

Working principle of sand making machine

the inlet guide material sieve with kinetic energy material obtained from the conveyor to break material selection, qualified materials by the A channel discharge, large particle material into coarse crushing cavity hammer strike zone, by high-speed rotary hammer blow, along the hammer revolving round cut Line direction to fly out, slam coarse crushing cavity counterattack sieve for cutting, crushing, return along a particular direction, gather in the hammer Rotary somewhere above, form a collision material layer of dense, subsequent into the crusher material as "bullet" targeting the same into dense Set the material layer, coarse crushing cavity it into "a hail of bullets, bullets flying".