YKN Series Vibrating Screen

YKN Series Vibrating Screen

YKN series circular vibrating screen is in the basis of many years of design experience on the vibrating screen, high Xiaoyuan vibration of high strength large exciting force vibrating sieve combining international advanced manufacturing technology development success screen. YKN series circular vibrating screen using the N series of eccentric block vibration exciter, intermediate transmission are connected by a flexible connection, more stable, equipment vibration amplitude, vibration sieve through the remarkable ability and the screening efficiency is improved to ensure more reliable operation, vibration sieve, have longer service life. It is suitable for the treatment of large block size, bulk density of large ore, as in stone production, metal mines and other conditions of application, mature products continuously improve in the years of practice on the. This series of sieving machine is mainly used for sieving operation of building materials, mining, chemical, cement and other industrial sectors. This series of screen the most suitable for screening water containing not more than 5% kinds of minerals, rocks and other classification. Provision was maximum grain size sieving materials shall not be greater than the technical parameter table.

Working Principle of YKN Series Vibrating Screen

This series of vibrating screen with eccentric block as the excitation source to drive the sieve box for circular vibration, its working principle is: the sieve box through the elastic support on the base (or base), the eccentric block is arranged on the main shaft, the main shaft through a bearing and a bearing seat arranged on a side plate of the screen box. The motor drives the transmission shaft through the triangle belt intermediate, intermediate shaft drives the rotation of the spindle, the spindle rotates to drive an eccentric block to rotate, the inertial force of the eccentric block to produce the screen box vibration force. With the motor running continuously, approximately circular motion vibration sieve, realize continuous screening operation.

Performance characteristics of YKN Series Vibrating Screen

1. specifications and diverse, high efficiency: screen drip line length, screening more than specifications, the file specifications screen clear, high screening efficiency, uneasy blockage.
2. has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, stable and reliable: exciter adopts eccentric structure external block, produce the exciter of each side plate through the side of the force center of screen box, the side plate and the overall stress condition was much improved. Than the shaft eccentric vibrator and convenient assembly and disassembly, repair easier.
3. optimization design, the amplitude and the exciting force can be adjusted: between the vibration exciter for cardan joint, with the use of flexible installation and replacement.
4. the installation is convenient, quick repair: belt structure of synchronous gear adopts the international advanced level of YKN series large vibration sieve, compared with the gear synchronizer, light weight, convenient repair.

Technical data

YKN Series Vibrating Screen
Model Screen Size(mm) Layers Mesh Size(mm) Feeding Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power (kw) D-Amplitude(mm) Angle(°)
2YKN2160 2100×6000 2 6~150 400 100~600 30 7~11 20
3YKN2160 2100×6000 3 6~150 400 100~600 37 7~11 20
4YKN2160 2100×6000 4 6~150 400 100~600 45 7~11 20
2YKN2460 2400×6000 2 6~150 400 150~850 30 7~11 20
3YKN2460 2400×6000 3 6~150 400 150~850 37 7~11 20
4YKN2460 2400×6000 4 6~150 400 150~850 45 7~11 20