Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant

Y Series Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant

Jaw type mobile crushing station is a kind of new rock crushing equipment, mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, such as hydropower often need to move operations in material processing, especially for highway, railway, liquidity stone hydropower engineering operations, the user can according to the processing of raw material types, size and finished materials require different with different configurations. Jaw crusher station greatly expand the coarse crushing operation concept in the field. It was designed to stand in the position of the customer, to eliminate the broken ground, environment bring customers crushing operation disorder as the primary solution, and provide high efficient and low cost project operating hardware facilities for customers.

Jaw type mobile crusher station belongs to the standard type of equipment, a crushing unit based, self stand-alone device configuration. Mainly including the station, mobile station of cone crusher, counterattack broken mobile crusher station, mobile station, vertical shaft impact broken cone crusher feed mobile crusher broken broken jaw movement.

Working Principle of Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant

Jaw type mobile crusher station, coarse crushing, fine crushing and screening system for single group, can work independently, can also be flexible system configuration unit combined operation. Hopper side for screening material conveying mode provides a variety of configuration flexibility, diesel generator unit in addition to the integration of the allocation of the unit power supply, also can be targeted to the allocation unit process system of combined power supply, the configuration of the PE series of jaw crusher, high crushing efficiency, versatility, good crushing product quality, with delicate and reasonable structure design, excellent breaking performance. Stable and reliable quality assurance, and establish a good reputation for the quality of the broad masses of Chinese and foreign new old customers, not only the technology is mature, the operation is simple and easy to repair, and have good adaptability and safety of transportation quantity, size of materials and abrasive, easy maintenance and reasonable installation and configuration of integrated unit. The configuration of units with high durability and higher efficiency.

Technical data

Y Series Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant
Model Car Body Feeder Crusher Belt Conveyor (standard configuration) Engine (Optional) Overall dimension (mm)
Model Feeding Size (mm) Power (kw) Model Feeding Size (mm) Power (kw) Size(m) Power(kw)
YF938J69-N Two-Spindle GZD960×3800 500 6-11 PE600×900 500 6-75 B800×8.5 200 12600×2550×3870
YF1142J710-N Three-Spindle GZD1100×4200 580 6-11 PE750×1060 630 8-90 B1000×9.5 250 13900×2750×4320
YF1349J912-N Three-Spindle GZD1100×4900 750 6-22 PE900×1200 750 8-130 B1200×10.5 270 15450×2950×4380
YF1349J811-N Three-Spindle GZD1300×4900 750 6-22 PEW860 720 6-132 B1200×10.5 320 15450×2950×4380
YF1349J1120-N Three-Spindle GZD1300×4900 750 6-22 PEW1100 930 8-185 B1200×10.5 400 15450×2950×4380